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                Live, Love... Ride
         with Wolfpack Outfitters!!

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Wolfpack Rides
"Wolfpack" rides are unique as they are set up exclusively for your group.  

Ride exclusively with your "PacK".  Wolfpack" rides are set up  for your private group.  You won't ride with strangers or ride the same trai that is ridden everyday.  We ride a variety of mountain trails and one will be selcted to match the riding ability, interest and desires of your group. Weather conditions may also play a factor in pre-selection.  Horses are trailered to trailhead so you truly "ride the mountains of Montana". We request rider information in order to select a horse and saddle that will match the rider.  All types of riders are accommodated - beginner, intermediate, advanced, horse owners, competive riders, and even those who'd rather be fishing.  Children must be 6 or older. Riding double is NOT allowed.  Helmets are available upon request or bring your own.  .  

                    Wolfpack Horses
      Rides are like "Real Riding", 
not a typical head-to-tail ride.

We own our horses and do not lease them.  That way we know their training, habits and personalities. Horses are matched  to the rider's skill level and saddles are selected to match guest's physique (tall, short, etc.). This helps your ride be more personalized and comfortable.  We have raised many of the horses and they are decendents of the   Quarterhorses Shylea's  grandparents raised.  Because we do many activities with our horses -  trailriding, 4-H, rodeo, roping, barrel racing -  so the horses are responsive and energetic.  We don't have a horse or saddle in our string, that we wouldn't ride ourself...  Afterall, if we don't like the horse or saddle - why would you?.  

 Come Ride with the "Wolfpack" 
and See for Yourself!!

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 PRICING and OPTIONS                

Payment Methods                                                      
Credit Cards: VISA, Master Card, or American Express;
Cash, Personal Check

Day Rides                             
    2 people:          $185/person
    3-4 people:      $160/person
    5 or more:        $135/person

 * Snack pack, bottled water & soda provided. 
 * You will spend 3-4 hours on horseback. .
 * Plan on 4-5 hours of your day with drive, etc.

Lunch Rides                                                        

 Our complimentary "snack packs" are popular amongst clients.  It allows them to enjoy a "treat" at break and eat a juicy burger at a local restaurant after the ride.  

For those who prefer a "Lunch Ride" or picnic, we have two options:  
1.  We bring your Lunch -- Additional $12/person charge. Must have  24-hour notice.
2.  Client brings their own lunch -- $0 charge (no charge).


Ranch Ride                                                          
Cost:  $50/person
This 1 hour option works well for families who are uncertain if children are ready for "mountain"  trail ride.  It's also a good alternative if your time is limited or a more budget friendly option is desired.  Bring the kids to our "ranch" and get them started riding in our arena, pasture or on a 1-2 mile trial/loop.  Also meet the dogs, cats, goats, llamas and cows. 

Fishing Ride                                                           
Cost: 2-4 riders = $200/person
   5 or more = $185/person

Experienced fisherman may want to get off the “river” and go some place new.  We can can take you to a mountain stream or lake to fish.  These trips are not guided -- we just give you the opportunity and the “vehicle” to get there - you are welcome to bring a guide. 

*  Takes 7-8 hours with drive, packing gear, etc.   

*  4 hours of horseback time and 2-3 hours of fishing time. 

*  A packhorse is provided for gear – waders, poles, etc. 
*  Lunch - BBQ chicken or a sandwich wrap, salad or chips, fruit, cookie, bottled water and a soda or ice tea.   

Lessons: Riding/Horsemanship                             
  Cost:  $45/person (Private, semi-private or group)

Riding Lessons:  Lessons focus on Westen riding are well-suited for beginning and intermediate riders who want to improve their horsemanship.  Lessons focus on equitation, horsemanship, safety and control. Both both arena and trail riding is used to develop skills.The "horsemanship" component focuses the overall  well being and safety of horse and rider achieved  through "communication".  It's not just learning to ride, but also understanding the horse.  Information about horse care and  nutrition, shoeing, grooming & tack is also given. 

Children Lessons: develop proper western riding and equitation skills and buiid rider confidence.  Focus is on  balance, leg & hand placement, bareback riding, arena/gymkana patterns, basic grooming and horse care.  Educational articles and homework is given.

Horse Ownership/Consulting:   Shylea can also help you determining if you want to become a horse owner.  She can help with selection/buying, financial costs and feed & pasture management. 

"Good riding skills go-hand-in-hand with good horsemanship".  

 Day Ride:  West Fork/Elk River/Lobo Mesa                           
   Minimum 3 riders:  $185/person 
       * 4-5 hours of actual horseback time.
       * Lunch included.
       Plan on a 7-8 hour day due to drive & tacking up. 

Packtrips:  Gravelly Mtn Range or Indian Creek Wilderness 
         Cost:  $300/person/day

Example:  3 day/2 night minimum = $900/person
  1. Packtrips are customized for your group only -- you are not mixed with strangers. Ask about options and trip planning for your group.
  2. Packtrip Options include: Indian Cree Wilderness Area or a variety of locations in the Gravelly Mountain Range.  Camp can be established or switched every night.
  3. INDIAN CREEK; offers wilderness experience with stream fishing and horseback riding. 
  4. VIGILANTE/Gravelly Mtn area has some fishing available - depends on location.  
  5. Guests will need motel accommodations the day prior and after a pack trip. 



Minimum 24-hour advance notice required.
Call or email for date availability. 
Credit Card information is needed to hold the reservation.
50% Cancellation fee will be charged if date is NOT be rebooked.  
A fuel surcharge may be added if diesel fuel is over $4/gallon.


  LOCAL LODGING / TRAVEL                         

Wolfpack is happy to recommend and arrange local lodging for your group.  
There are a variety of facilities – motels, rental homes, fishing lodges, etc. that can accommodate a variety of preferences and budgets. 
Click   "links"   for places to visit or stay.   

If required, transportation to and from the Bozeman airport (60 miles away) may be arranged with Kelley of Global Travel, 406.682.4793.  


 Helmets are optional  - one can be provided upon request or bring your own. 


Dress in Layers








Long Sleeve Shirt






Sleeping Bags


Short Sleeve Shirt




Water Bottle


Water Filters


Jacket / Sweatshirt




Insect Spray


Extra Footwear


Jeans – No shorts


Eye wetting drops








Sun Glasses 




Xtra Contacts 


Boots -Shoes (smooth sole)







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RIDE AREA INFORMATION                         

Axolotl Lakes Area               

Take a day ride in the Axolotl Lakes Wilderness Study Area which lies on the northern edge of the Greenhorn Mountains.
  Enjoy scenic views of both the Madison and Ruby Valleys.  There is one vantage point where 6 mountain ranges can be observed and another that provides of scenic look of 4 of the Lakes.  
The area's unusaual name is derivied from a species of tiger salamander who inhabit the Lakes, commonly called "Axolotl" in Aztek language.  Axolotl salamanders are in a "neotonic" form which means "retention of "juvenile traits".  They have gills, limbs and a fin-like tail, yet it can morph into a terrestrial tiger salmander, if environmental condition are right.  More information is found at the BLM website 
at www.blm.gov/mt .  

Length:     2-3 hours actual horseback time (Total 4 hours w/ drive & tacking up);
Skill Level:  Beginner to Advanced;
Terrain:      Moderate;
Elevation:   6500 to 7500 feet
Rates:        See Price List (tab)

Vigilante Area                                                     

 Take a ride or a pack trip in the Gravelly Mountain Range of Southwest Montana - an area rich in gold mining history.   Riders will literally travel the top of the mountain range and overlook 
two mountain valleys - the Madison Valley to the East and the Ruby Valley to the West.  They will travel thru Douglas Fir and Lodgepole Pine timber stands, open meadows carpeted with wildflowers, pass several small mountain lakes. 
             Skill Level:    Beginner to Advanced
          Terrain:       Moderate
             Elevation:    6000 - 8500 feet
             Rates:         See Price List (tab) 

Bear Creek and Indian Creek Wilderness Area

Take a ride or packtrip in the Madison Mountain Range of the Lee-Metcalf Wilderness. No motorized vehicles are allowed so you can enjoy Mother Nature's pristine peacefulness. While riding along  Indian Creek for 5+ miles  guests can view a 60-ft waterfall.  Or guests can ride up Bear Creek to the bottom of Sphinx Mountain.  Both offer a great "back-to-nature" experience.

        Length:      3-5 day, depending on schedule
        Skill Level:   Intermediate to Advanced   
        Terrain:      Moderate to steep 
        Elevation:   6500 to 9000 feet         
        Rates:        $300 per person per day

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